The history of Lazy Poker Blues Band and the Swiss Blues

The Lazy Poker Blues Band is one of the first blues bands in the history of the Swiss Blues. In 1975 Cla Nett and Werner Döbelin, Ueli Hoffmann, Fulvio Haefeli met to play their music: the blues. The first concert was in spring 1976 in Basel.

Since then the Band in different configurations played over 850 concerts in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy and France. They played as openers for Albert Collins, Joe Cocker, B.B. King, Janne Schaffer, Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung, Climax Blues Band, Dr. Feelgood, Roger Chapman, Herman Brood & Mother's Finest among others.

In 1978 they released their first album "Take it Lazy" with the songs Route 66, Plan your Revolution, Arkansas Woman, Lookin' good, Badwanne Boogie, Can't get enough, Louise Louise Blues, Endless Highway, Seventh Son, Remington Ride and Mary

In 1980 the second album "Soul Food" with the songs Paranoia Lover, Same old story Blues, Clean & Real, May 20th Jake's Mood (Frizzantino's Revenge), Cut me off, I'm ready, Watch out before you marry, Soul Food and Funky Bitch.

In 1982 the third album "One More Mile" with the songs If you love me like you say, Insurance, One more mile, I'll play the Blues for you, Jealous Fellas, TV Show, Burglar, Natural Ball, Sloe and We all Wanna Boogie.

In 1983 the fourth album "Still Lazy" with the songs Red Hot Lover, Neon People, Blues Is My Middlename, So Lazy, One Way Ticket, Hangover, Package For Life and Read.

In 1984 the fifth album "Dealin with Feeling" with the songs Hard Times, Siren, I'd Rather Go Down, Runaway, I Can't Lose, Hook, Line & Sinker, Jack Of All Trades, We Don't Care, Money-Pullation and Message.

In 1985 the sixt album "Constant Food Supply #6" with the songs Ruby Lee, Read Between The Lines, Message, Blues Is My Middlename, Cut Me Off, Key To The Highway, Mr. Time and Give My Heart Away.

In 1986 the seventh album "Blue Road" with the songs The Letter, Get Out Of My Life, Backstage Fever, Bandstand, Stuck To The Blues, Bad Man, Cold Winds, Be Careful, A Little Bit Of Something and Blue Road.

In 1990 the eighth album "1975-1990" with the songs Red Hot Lover, I Can't Lose,Ruby Lee, One Way Ticket, So Lazy, I'd Rather Go Down, Neon People, Blue Road, Backstage Fever, A LIttle Bit Of Something, Stuck To The Blues, Soul Food, Paranoia Lover, Cut Me Off and Bad Man.

In 1994 the ninth album "Halsted" with the songs Neighbor, Neighbor, Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean, I Can't Stand It, Love Rears Its Ugly Head, Feel Alright, Two-Time Man, Devil's Got My Woman, Closed Doors, Same Old Trouble, A Woman Will Do Wrong, You Can Have My Husband and I Got The Blues.

In 1996 the tenth album "Halsted Session" with the songs Downhome Blues, Breaking Up Somebody's Home, Big Bos Man, All Your Love, Look On Yonders Wall, Clouds In My Heart / She's 19 Years Old, Hello Baby, Born Under A Bad Sign, If You Love Me Like You Say, I Wonder Why, It's My Fault and Guilty.

In the mid-nineties, the Lazy Poker Blues Band fulfilled a dream and went to Chicago where they recorded the CDs "Halsted" and "Halsted Sessions". They had the honor of performing with the big names like A.C. Reed, Kenny Neal, Billy Branch, Jimmy Johnson, Little Smokey Smothers, among others.

In the last few years the Lazy Poker Blues Band also continued to perform with various guests.

After more than 25 years of hard work Cla Nett was honored with the Swiss Blues Award in 2004 for his commitment to the blues in Switzerland.

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