Are YOU ready for the "Lazy Poker Blues Band"?

After more than 750 touring dates in clubs, city halls and even stadiums the band let a dream come true. From their “pilgrimage” to Chicago resulted the albums “Halsted” (1994) and “Halsted Sessions” (1995), the latter was the result of a series of jam sessions with local Blues artists Jimmy Johnson, Little Smokey Smothers, Jon McDonald, Steve Freund et al. and is considered by critics and public a very intense and groovy album: Blues at its deepest, urban, rough and lively.

The tour that followed with Chicagoan Maurice John Vaughn as featured artist, presented the band in Switzerland and Germany with great success.

25 years an still lazy?

Even after 25 years of hard work and touring they are not tired at all. On the contrary, the band around founder and guitar player Cla Nett plays on with overwhelming enthusiasm.

The Lazy Poker Blues Band enters the new millennium with the well-tried concept of using various special guests turning them almost into a Lazy Poker Blues Revue, which makes out of every single concert a very special event. The Lazies are dealing with feeling because they celebrate at their gigs the wide variety and raw energy of the Blues!

C ya somewhere soon!

The Lazy Poker Blues Band wrote Swiss Blues History

In 1975, four young guys (Cla Nett, Fulvio Häfeli, Werner Doebelin and Ueli Hofmann) got together, eager to play their music, eager to play the Blues. The LAZY POKER BLUES BAND was founded.

With a new drummer, Marco Piazzalonga, the band produced their first album "Take It Lazy" (1978). Jakob Künzel and Sam Jenzer joined the band. Supported by the LAZY HORN SECTION, the next album "Soul Food" was released in 1980 and turned out to be a full success.

Together with Roli Frei, a new singer, more albums followed (One More Mile 1981, Still Lazy 1983, Dealin' With Feeling 1984 and Constant Food Supply 1995).

They toured all over CH, D, A and I (supporting act for Joe Cocker in Germany 1984 and B.B. King 1986 and 1995).

After ten years of active music making, problems stirred up among the members of the band. A split was inevitable. With Jakob Künzel (vocals) the next album was produced (Blue Road 1986).

In 1992, LAZY POKER BLUES BAND, five musicians, eager to play the Blues, had a dream. They went to Chicago,IL and recorded with local musicians (Melvia "Chick" Rodgers, A.C. Reed, Billy Branch, Kenny Neal and others) their ninth album at Chicago Trax Recording (Halsted 1994, recorded by Julian Herzfeld).

And now the best at last: another CD has been recorded in Chicago - something special for Blues lovers: sessions after sessions with many great Chicago Blues musicians. Released in spring 1996.


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