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In 1975, four young guys Cla Nett (guitar, vocals), Ueli Hofmann (guitar, bass), Fulvio Häfeli (drums, vocals) and Werner Döbelin (bass, vocals) got together, eager to play their music, eager to play the Blues. The Lazy Poker Blues Band was founded. The first concert happened on easter Monday 1976 at the Bürgerliches Waisenhaus in Basel. In 1976 Marco Piazzalonga (drums, percussion, guitar, and vocals) joined the band, Jakob Künzel (vocals, sax) and Samuel Jenzer (bass) in 1978.

The band produced their first album “Take It Lazy” in 1978 with the participation of Cla Nett (guitar), Fulvio Häfeli (vocals), Marco Piazzalonga (drums, vocals), Ueli Hofmann (guitar), Werner Döbelin (bass), Olivier Jaquiéry (sax), Samuel Jenzer (bass), Olivier Truan (piano), Ditschgi Gutzwiller (percussion) and Jakob Künzel (sax).

In June 1979 the final "National Jazz and Rock Festival" was held in Augusta Raurica. The Lazy Poker Blues Band made it to the finals, where they received several diplomas.

In autumn 1979 the band toured for the very first time in Germany.In December the band played a concert in the prison Bostdatel in Zug.

Roland Frei (vocals), Rolf van Roon (sax), Lukas Nüesch (trumpet), Dani Schneider (sax), Marcel Mischler (keys) and Gabi Schlick (sax) joined the band in 1979. Willi Ester (sax) in 1980.

In September and October 1980, the band toured for the second time in Germany and at the same time they recorded and produced their second album “Soul Food” with the participation of Roland Frei (vocals), Jakob Künzel (sax, harmonica), Cla Nett (guitar), Ueli Hofmann (guitar), Samuel Jenzer (bass), Marco Piazzalonga (drums, percussion), Lukas Nüesch (trumpet), Will Ester (sax) and Dani Schneider (sax). This album turned out to be a full success of which 1'000 copies were sold in the first three days - a remarkable number for an upcomer band.

In April 1981 they played as opening act for Janne Schaffer and in May they toured for the third time in Germany where they have been the opening act for Die Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung. Afterwards they participated at the National Rock Festival.

In June 1981 they played at the Open Air Festival St.Gallen beside Jimmy Cliff, Arlo Guthrie, The Blues Band, Cargo Band, Marco Zappa, Polo Hofer, Irrwisch, Beau Katzman Gang, Betty Legler, Vic Vea, Mano, Bucks Räms, Joachim Rittmeyer, Georg Gruntz Bebop All Stars. And in autumn 1981 they toured on the Top Pop 81 (8x4 Tour) with The Tickets, Bo Katzmann Gang, Walter Lietha Band.

François Tschachtli (sax), Jachen Nett (vocals, harp), Thomas Merlo (sax) and Hans Schaffner (guitar) joined the band in 1982.

In April 1982 they played as opening act for Dr. Feelgood in Basel and in May for Roger Chapman in Dornbirn Austria.

In May 1982 they toured for the fourth time in Germany and they had multiple appearances on TV shows like Lieder und Leute (SWF), Kaffee oder Tee (SWF), Karussel.

July 10th, 1982 the band played at the Albisgüetli in Zürich drawing a crowd of more than 1’500, as opening act for Albert Collins. In autumn 1982 they played at the 8x4 Tour with Slapstick, Stitch.

In 1982/1984 they were voted by the readers of “Musik Szene” the most popular Swiss band.

The band produced their third album “One More Mile” in 1982 with the participation of Marco Piazzalonga (drums), Samuel Jenzer (bass), Ueli Hofmann (guitar), Cla Nett (guitar), Jakob Künzel (sax, piano, vocals), Rolf von Roon (sax), Sandro Filannino (sax), Lukas Nüesch (trumpet) and Roland Frei (vocals).

In 1983 Maggie Bertsch (sax, vocals), Hapé Brüggemann (keys), Michael Meister (bass, vocals), Theodor Jost (trumpet), Daniel Guggenheim (sax) and Alex Kugler (sax) joined the band.

In February 1983 they played at the Volkshaus Zurich, opening for Climax Blues Band and in May and September they toured again in Germany. In July they played at the Gurten Festival Bern.

The band produced their fourth album “Still Lazy” in 1983 with the participation of Roland Frei (vocals, sax), Jakob Künzel (sax, keys, vocals), Cla Nett (guitar), Hans Schaffner (guitar), Samuel Jenzer (bass), Marco Piazzalonga (drums), Theo Jost (trumpet), Rolf von Roon (sax) and Bo Katzmann, Deby Overdrive, Peter Hirt (backing vocals).

Daniel Meyer (sax) and Hans Feigenwinter (keys) joined the band in 1984.

In February 1984 they appeared on the TV show Beat Club (Bremen).

April 1st, 1984 the Europa Tour of Joe Cocker started in Hannover where the Lazy Poker Blues Band were the opening act, drawing a crowd of more than 4’200 that night. They played other 22 opening acts on this tour.

On May 19th, 1984 Lazy Poker Blues Band played as Festival-Act beside of Tomas Lein, Marius Müller-Westernhagen, Wolfgang Ambros, Chris de Burgh, Georges Moustaki, Toto Cutugno and Al Steward, at the Concert for Europe at the Olympia Station in Berlin, in front of over 40'000 spectators. In June 1984 they toured in the DDR for 9 concerts and October/November in Germany again.

The band produced the fifth album “Dealin’ with Feeling” in 1984 with the participation of Roland Frei (vocals, sax), Cla Nett (guitar), Hapé Brueggemann (Hammond, piano), Michael Meister (bass, vocals), Marco Piazzalonga (drums, percussions), Maggie Bertsch (sax, vocals), Daniel Guggenheim (sax), Theodor Jost (trumpet) with the guests Jachen Nett (harp), Jakob Künzel (Linn drums) and Achim Bosch (backing vocals).

Cristina Weber (vocals), Liliane Michel (vocals), Stephan Pulver (keys) and Toni Brun (sax) joined the band in 1985.

On December 31st, 1984 they had a Live recording with DRS 3 uf dr Gass at Club Atlantis Basel which was released as the sixth album “Constant Food Supply” in 1985 with the participation of Cla Nett (guitar, vocals), Roland Frei (vocals, harp), Marco Piazzalonga (drums), Michael Meister (bass, vocals), Hans Feigenwinter (keys), Theodor Jost (trumpet), Daniel Guggenheim (sax) and Daniel Meyer (sax).

In spring 1985 the Lazy Poker Blues Band celebrated their 10th birthday anniversary with 4 concerts in Switzerland inviting former and present band members.

1986 Tonino Saraceno (bass), Mike Maurer (trumpet), Thomas Baur (sax), Martin Stotzer (trumpet) and Roger Moser (guitar, accordeon) joined the band.

July 1986 the band played at the Züri-Fescht for Radio 24 at the Landiwiese in Zürich.

In November 1986 they played as opening act of B.B. King at the Messe Basel and took part at the final of the Marlboro Rock-In at the Volkshaus in Zürich.

The band produced the seventh album “Blue Road” in 1986 with the participation of Jakob Künzel (vocals), Cla Nett (guitar), Stephan Pulver (keys), Marco Piazzalonga (drums, guitar), Cristina Weber (vocals), Liliane Michel (vocals) and Toni Brun (sax).

In June 1987 they played as opening act of Pete Haycock's Climax.

Corinne Arnould (sax) joined the band in 1987, Oliver Ritschard (bass) in 1988, Marko Lehtinen (drums) in 1989.

The band released the eight album “1975-1990” in 1990 with the participation of Roland Frei (vocals), Jakob Künzel (key, sax), Cla Nett (guitar), Hans Schaffner (guitar), Samuel Jenzer (bass), Marco Piazzalonga (drums), Theodor Jost (trumpet), Rolf van Roon (sax), Hapé Brüggemann (keys), Michael Meister (bass), Maggie Bertsch (vocals), Daniel Guggenheim (sax), Hans Feigenwinter (keys), Daniel Meyer (sax), Stani Frey (bass), Stephan Pulver (keys), Toni Brun (bass), Felix Hohl (guitar, Rollo Studer (bass) und Yvonne Künzel, Ueli Hofmann, Lukas Nüesch, Willi Ester, Dani Schneider, Deby Overdrive, Jakob Künzel, Bo Katzmann, Cristina Weber, Liliane Michel (backing vocals).

April 2nd 1990 they celebrated the 15th Birthday by having a concert at the Volkshaus in Zürich.

Toby Glaser (drums) joined the band in 1992 and in August 1993 they toured with Jon MacDonald in Switzerland and Germany.

In 1994 the band let a dream come true. From their “pilgrimage” to Chicago resulted the ninth album “Halsted” recorded at Chicago Trax Recording in 1994 with the participation of Lilian Michel (vocals), Cla Nett (guitar, vocals), Stephan Pulver (Hammond B3, grand piano), Oliver Ritschard (bass), Toby Glaser (drums), Billy Branch (harp), Melvia “Chick” Rodgers (background vocals), Danny Shaffer (guitar) and the tenth album “Halsted Sessions” in 1995, with the participation of Lilian Michel (vocals), Cla Nett (guitar, vocals), Stephan Pulver (Hammond B3, grand piano), Oliver Ritschard (bass), Toby Glaser (drums), Maurice John Vaughn (guitar, vocals), Jimmy Johnson (guitar), Little Smokey Smothers (guitar, vocals),  Pistol Pete Newell (guitar, vocals), Jon McDonald (guitar, vocals), Steve Freund (guitar) and Harlan Lee Terson (bass). The album is considered by critics and public a very intense and groovy album: Blues at its deepest, urban, rough, and lively.

Andy Lang (drums) joined the band in 1999, Urs Meier (guitar) in 2001.

The last concert took place on July 22nd, 2021, at Magic Blues Vallemaggia in Cevio. The line-up was: Cla Nett (guitar), Samuel Jenzer (bass), Urs Meyer (guitar), Marcel Mischler (keys), Rolf de Marchi (sax), Flavio Gallacchi (drum) and Marc Lüthi (vocals).

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